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Open Projects
As a software development group we continuously work with various organizations and NGO to leverage IT and technical education. With our growing experience and expertise, we wanted to add more quality and dedication while sharing our practical knowledge with the aspirants.

To fulfil the deep desire to work for community we founded TechPeeth as an independent arm of Code Platter Softwares Limited. TechPeeth is a commitment to expand and share technology and its value to human life.


TechPeeth is a blend of two words i.e. “Technology” and “Peeth” whereas Peeth is an acronym of School in Hindi language. TechPeeth will have following operations and goals in near future:
  • TechPeeth will focus on imparting IT knowledge to student groups all across India.
  • In long term TechPeeth will cover all technology sectors and engineering domain.
  • Technology Workshops, Seminars and Trainings will be provided to Under Graduate students.
  • Strategic Partnership with Government and Educational Institutions for setting up of TechPeeth labs.
  • Scholarships Programmes for High School, Graduates and Post Graduates students.
In a quest to become a global technology incubation centre, we are inviting people from global community to become a part of TechPeeth world.
Case Studies
IT Project Consultancy

This is a case study examining Code Platter strength in nourishing a web magazine idea to a sucessful project.
Staffing and Resourcing

This case study is a description of the steps on offshore staffing requirements and our efforts.
Clients Testimonials
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