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IT Project Consultancy
1. Customer Details: Client is a Corporate Individual having interests in writing, painting, poetry etc.

2. Business Problem: A web magazine needs to be developed having different flavours of painting, poetry, poem, gallery, short stories etc. with strong CMS. The complete portal has to be SEO friendly and requires PR activities.

  1. We need to design such an architecture which is SEO friendly.
  2. The design of the portal (web magazine) has to be very artistic and the pages should be easy to browse. Very strong CMS shall be there to manage all the features and settings of the web magazine.
3. Our Solution: The complete project was planned on 3 different phases as follows:

Phase 1:

           Pre-launch PR Activity and Architecture Design
  • Various web magazine were studied for their traffic, design and architecture.
  • Open-source LAMP platform was chosen for development of the portal.
  • An open-source wordpress blog was installed to interact with visitors for the initial feedback on concept.
            Milestones Completed:
  • Very good feedbacks on blog were received.
  • Database Design, Architecture and theme of the web magazine was done.
  • High Level Technical Design Documentation was also completed.
            This phase took 1 month for the complete exercise.
Phase 2:
    Development of Application

    Development of the application has been kicked off in this phase. Our 2 PHP resources and a graphic designer were engaged for this phase for 3 months.
            Milestones Completed:
  • Application has been completed on time for review and testing.
  • Application successfully deployed over the production server.
Phase 3:
    Post-launch Marketing and PR activities

    Web magazine reached very high number of clicks (in thousands) on the day 1 of the launch. Corporate and creative organization picked up the magazine as their preferred online internet advertising media.
4. Customer Benefits:
  • Our client has reached a level of satisfaction by sharing creativity with the users worldwide.
  • Web magazine becomes a good successful revenue model for the client.
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IT Project Consultancy

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