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“Code Platter Softwares Limited has been working with us for well over two years and we are satisfied with their performance, professionalism and sense of ownership throughout the projects. We look forward to continue using services of Code Platter and take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Arihant for his excellent efforts.

Code Platter Softwares Limited is one of our preferred IT Partners.”

Mayur P.
Head E-ServicesHead E-Services, British Council, India

Building a stringent data foundation for greater business insights! Offering Big Data Analytics Services that creates value, provides business ready data and enhanced support to your data users thereby facilitating the extraction of actionable insights.

Big Data Analytics Services

Organizations are sitting on silos of data and without strategical insights they are losing opportunities for better growth and timely innovation in their products and services. Big data analytics are creating values and building capabilities for organizations. We enable our clients with enhanced insight on complex data through our data engineering team and tools.

Technologies that compliment your data warehouse

Code Platter is a Big Data Services Provider where a few enthusiasts work together to assist businesses to define the right Big Data Strategy and choose appropriate technologies that complement your existing data warehouse, enable quicker deployments, and turn unmanageable data into structured data sources that can be easily found, accessed, managed, and protected. Our expertise combined with high end robust big data analytics solutions are enabling organization to explore untapped opportunities, create values and discover revenues.

Why Big Data Analytics?

Data is everywhere, new enterprise data is being unremittingly created across different platforms. It calls for effective analytics and quality governance to be infused in every business process, decision, and action to ensure a clean, relevant, and structured data from a. Without any timely implementation of Big Data Analytics Services, the present chaos of daily voluminous data is impacting the unknown revenue and undiscovered growth of many organizations.

Why Choose Us?

We are a result-driven Big Data Analytics Company with diversified industry-experience and expertise in Big Data Consulting Services. Our team has data scientists, analysts, and architects who develop, deliver, and implement Big Data Analytics Services that meet long term business goals of our clients. Our Big Data Solutions are so developed that we have years of experience in empowering organizations to track their customer behavior for better decision making, ahead of time.

Our Methodology

To generate manageable and structured data stream, just dumping your data silos into popular data platforms isn’t enough. You have to be strategic with your data. As Big Data Consulting company, we implement the right approach to make sure that your data is residing on a security-rich and reliable platform for it to be easily found, trusted, and used for a greater revenue.

Data complexity begin to burst out when you don’t imply an appropriate and quality governance approach on your data swamps. We assist organizations with our Big Data consulting services to ensure that their data is properly cleaned, classified, and protected in timely and controlled data feeds that generate efficient insights and enhance reliability.

As a Big Data Consulting Company, we we are committed to develop open scalable big data solutions that reduce dependencies of various vital aspects. Our Big Data Consulting Services embrace simplified hybrid data management, data governance, and business analytics for a seamless user experience with clean, rectified, and structured data.

We make you transform to an analytics-driven organization by empowering you to control, analyze, and operate on your data to identify new sources of revenue and data hazards that can negatively impact your business processes. The risk security assessment for our Big Data Consulting Services provides effective measures, processes, and controls to reduce the impact of these inherent business risks.

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