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“Code Platter Softwares Limited has been working with us for well over two years and we are satisfied with their performance, professionalism and sense of ownership throughout the projects. We look forward to continue using services of Code Platter and take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Arihant for his excellent efforts.

Code Platter Softwares Limited is one of our preferred IT Partners.”

Mayur P.
Head E-ServicesHead E-Services, British Council, India

Energize your business and overcome functional challenges with industry specific SAP solutions. Our SAP consulting services enabling clients to improve your business performance, reduce operational costs, and increase top-line growth.

SAP Consulting Services

Implementation of right solutions brings greater efficiency, increased revenues, and successful transformation. We are focusing on SCM (Supply Chain Management) Solutions for Industrial operations and our strategic SAP development services enable you to leverage your SAP investments in an optimal manner.

SAP Service Offerings


Our SAP consulting services embrace advisory services that include a standardized approach, result-driven methodologies, and some proven tools for fact-based analysis and smart selection of the software for a successful and effective transformation.


Our experts not only drive the solution but believe in involving in your project life cycle at earlier stage and suggesting technology and process strategies and approaches to be implemented and tested in the system that would provide you the best business benefits.

Technical Architecture

Best solutions need the perfect technical infrastructure for outstanding results. Our experts are grown up with coding and studied technology. As a comprehensive SAP service provider, we offer unremitting support for your planned technical architecture design to ensure that your technical architecture is perfect and yields outstanding results.

Review & Auditing

Our exclusive SAP consulting services cover reviewing of your blue printing solutions and implementation designs, and providing internal auditing service of your live environments. This ensures a well-planned, proficiently executed, and efficiently controlled business transformation.

Our Methodology

As a reliable SAP service provider, Code Platter assesses your business model and evaluates your existing business processes while defining specific and measurable goals for an effective business performance.

With our SAP strategy, roadmap, and industry-specific solution development, we design and refocus your business operations and process strategies that ensure high-end functionality for your organizational needs.

Our SAP consulting services assist you to build a smart architecture for a seamless integration through our Supply Chain Management solutions. Not just that, we offer SAP Industry Solutions that fit into your exact business requirements.

There is a crucial need for strengthening the harmonization between existing silos & infrastructure, development & operational functions of any organization. Our SAP services and solutions are developed to build an essential harmonization between the two.

We provide robust implementation with scalability and security with our consistent support for the infrastructure implementation. Our tailored SAP solutions are so designed to suit your organizational culture and process.

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