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“Code Platter Softwares Limited has been working with us for well over two years and we are satisfied with their performance, professionalism and sense of ownership throughout the projects. We look forward to continue using services of Code Platter and take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Arihant for his excellent efforts.

Code Platter Softwares Limited is one of our preferred IT Partners.”

Mayur P.
Head E-ServicesHead E-Services, British Council, India

Increase your Business revenues through Digital Growth drivers by selling your products/services through e-commerce solutions. At Code Platter, we are committed to provide all-encompassing ecommerce development services that are customized exactly to your business requirements to offer guaranteed improved online traffic and sales.

Ecommerce Services

To ride on digital wave many traditional brick & mortar (offline) business are looking for online presence, but finding the right solution and best end-to-end consulting partner is not easy for most of the companies. We have helped many of our clients to venture into e-commerce space from idea to implementation. Be it designing, developing, marketing, or analytics, we provide e-commerce services across distinctive industry verticals around the world. Our ecommerce website development solutions are comprehensive, as well as traffic and sales driven while meeting your growth targets. As a reliable ecommerce development company, we have a great team of prodigies whom you can always rely upon for delivering exceptional and resilient designs for your online store, effective shopping cart, and highly secure payment gateway integration.

Ecommerce Service offerings

Idea Consulting

Code Platter is a renowned ecommerce website development company that offers proficient idea consulting and advisory services for increasing sales, streamlining your business, and expanding your business to new and revenue-driven channels. We have already served many clients with our cost effective and in-budget ecommerce solutions by strengthening and optimizing existing client resources.

Technical Architecture

We provide technical architecture with a problem solving approach to offer a perspective of solution to assist organizations with industry-specific implementations drawing their own solution architecture out of it. We have industry experts for specific ecommerce development services who don’t only drive the technical architecture solutions, but also involve you in implementation and testing phases.

Project Development

We offer the best project development services and solutions with perfect technical infrastructure that further drives outstanding results. Just when your project gets started, we assign you a dedicated account manager who organizes, manages, and prioritize all essential resources to ensure the project success as per your business requirements.

Digital Marketing

With our digital marketing services and solutions specialized for your ecommerce projects, we assist your business processes to accelerate the growth of your commerce digital innovation. As an experienced ecommerce solutions company, we make sure that your digital marketing solutions starts with a strategic vision and the right integration of technology into your ecommerce business practice.

Our Methodology

When you have a business idea in mind, you must do sheer research about the industry before any kind of implementation. With the basic purpose of market study, it’s always better to move sequentially as described below.

  • Understand the market domain
  • Determine your target customer
  • Gather essential data for conducting market analysis
  • Analyze the information
  • Put your analysis to work

With the availability of new technologies, there can be two perspectives to conceptualize your business idea, these are:

  • Business Model View
  • Business Strategy View

But, according to the clients’ strengths, your business idea can be conceptualized as a practically problem solving business model. If your business idea doesn’t address the real problems of your prospective customers, and fulfill their requirements and desired outcome, getting it off the ground will be terribly tough since despite of presenting your product as the most wanted solution to their existing needs, you will have to create within them the sense of need and then present your product as its solution.

For a successful ecommerce project, you should work on these essential steps to clearly define the project goals and delivery timelines.

  • Write the basic project scope statement
  • Set and prioritize the project goals
  • Create the work breakdown structure
  • Break each task package into smaller tasks
  • Determine your project dependencies
  • Determine estimated time required for each task
  • Identify resource availability
  • Identify significant milestones
  • Build your project delivery timeline

Code Platter, a reckoned ecommerce development company, offers outstanding infrastructure and security monitoring tools for your applications. These tools allow you to keep a robust track on your application performance and usage analytics for a clear insight on infrastructure and security aspects of the application. You get a 360-degree visibility into the system and infrastructure performance, thereby empowering you with comprehensive security monitoring and analytics for a great customer experience.

At Code Platter, we enable you to get exact insights on prospective user experience for introducing required enhancements and upgrades in your ecommerce project for a sure-shot win in the game. Following are some secrets and fixes to improve user experience and thus to enhance and upgrade your project processes.

  • Perform remote user testing
  • Don’t just sell, educate your users
  • Focus on ‘Usable Architecture’ over ‘Impressive Design’
  • Remove unvalidated features
  • Offer valued discounts and other offers in exchange of signup
  • Include an onboarding experience

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